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Finding the best electric shaver under $100

Finding the best electric shaver is important when you’re a soldier on duty. The days are filled with drills, chores, and work. There’s not a lot of downtime to spend on online shopping, though it’s the best method to purchase goods, and have them delivered quickly to my base. There’s a local shop where our unit can buy goods, snacks, supplies, whatever, but sometimes, if you don’t mind my saying, the soldier gets screwed on the price. Our spouses can send some items out to us, but when it’s as personal as an electric shaver, I want to be sure that I have the best electric shaver that’s going to give me a minimum amount of fuss to use at 5 am in the morning. My second requirement was that it would be a cordless model that I could charge up in advance, and be good to go for a week. After reading through reviews online, I ordered the Philips Norelco 1150X/46 Shaver. I don’t know if it is the best electric shaver or not, but it was priced at under $90, which was reasonable to me on my income, and had four out of five stars. I probably wasn’t willing to spend the cash to get a five star one. The order arrived the next day, and I tried it out the following morning. The box contained one electric razor, the charging unit, a power cord, a snap on trimmer, a protective cap, and a handy cleaning brush. The Philips Norelco comes in an attractive black and blue casing, with an easy to grip handle. This is a cordless electric shaver that you charge up in advance. It can then be used without the cord, for around an hour, or about a week’s worth of shaving time. I gave it a try and it provided a good clean shave. Its Gyroflex 2D contour-following system got all the whiskers in the morning, not leaving any behind. It easily followed the contours of my face, without grabbing or pinching. I didn’t feel like I had to force the shaver along. On days of off-duty I like to skip the shaving. So, I was curious as to how the shaver would do on three day’s of stubble. It performed remarkably well, whether I did a touch up during the day, or had three days of growth. This shaver works great dry, but I was wondering how well it would perform with using soap, water, and shaving foam. I don’t have time every morning to spend a lot of time shaving, but the Aquatec Technology of this shaver did get me a closer, better shave, than just using dry. Overall, my review is favorable for the Philips Norelco, particularly for the military guy who doesn’t have a lot of time to get ready in the morning. This electric shaver would also be perfect for traveling, or on the go. For the cash it was priced right, and I can recommend it to anyone searching for the best electric shaver under $100.

Philips Norelco 1150X/46